CLIMA 2025
It is official, CLIMA World Congress 2025 will take place in Italy!

CLIMA Word Congress is a premier international event that offers a dynamic combination of a top-notch scientific congress, a professional gathering for HVAC and building practitioners, and an exhibition showcasing cutting-edge HVAC manufacturers and professional organizations. At its core, CLIMA aims to create an unparalleled forum for collaboration and networking between academia, practitioners, and manufacturers/industry. By prioritizing the diverse needs of these target groups, CLIMA ensures that its event offerings are uniquely tailored to meet the requirements of each attendee. Whether you are looking to deepen your knowledge in the field of HVAC or connect with like-minded professionals, CLIMA promises to deliver an unmatched experience.

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26 Apr 2025

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11 May 2025

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03 May 2025

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4-6 June 2025

This event is organized by REHVA and one of its members and takes place once every three years. In 2025, REHVA will be partnering with AiCARR (Italy) to co-organize the event.


Registration open early 2024